Thursday, June 5, 2014

Aaron's Incredible Party!

Eli, Aaron's best friend, is moving to Washington before their birthdays ... so we are holding their parties a month early, before the move. We held Aaron's today - Incredible's Theme!

The party was planned for tomorrow, but more kids could come today so we switched it.

 Audrey "fixed" her mask so it was a headband... because that's how it was supposed to be.

I had fun with all the home made decorations :)

 After 6 stores, I took the only shirt the craft store had - it'll probably fit him till he is 8 years old ... oh well.
He loves that Mama made him a "Mr. Incredible Shirt!" Besides the fact that it is like 4 sizes too big, I think it turned out pretty well!
 We started out with coloring and sno-cones while we waited for everyone to arrive.
The sno-cones were a big hit; it was super hot outside! So glad we hosted the party in the morning and not in the afternoon! The crayons started melting and the balloons were popping in the heat!
The kids that came were: Eli, Zach, Bryce, Denzil, Daniel, Michael, Caleb, and Tanner. Sigur came after the party.
Everyone received a mask that I made, but only a few wanted to wear them.

Then we did an obstacle course where they could be like the Incredibles! We started with running on water like Dash. It was fun to watch them cheer each other on. Aaron would jump and scream, "Good Job!"

Then we raced through a tunnel and lifted a "heavy" barbell like Mr. Incredible! (pool noodles for the win!)

Next, we stretched really far like Mrs. Incredible

Then came making force fields by spinning fast with hula-hoops!
Lastly, we threw balls at Syndrome and knocked him down! 

Then we got to open presents! Aaron got a stomp rocket, a big play ball, a bubble machine, bubbles, books, soccer cones, water launcher, dinosaur destructo sand, bean bags, bug home, a doctor kit, monster trucks and a CAT machine. Thank you to all!

We tried to light the candle but it was too windy, so we sang and pretended :) It was so hot, the frosting melted off the sides of the cake. Still tasted good though. After that, we moved inside to watch the end of the movie, Incredibles and everyone but Eli went home.

Aaron and Eli played for a few hours and Aaron's friend Sigur who didn't make it to the party came later to play with Aaron in the pool. What a fun day! 

I love this little superhero! He truly is incredible!



  1. Daniel had such a fun time! Afterwards he kept telling me how much fun he had at Aaron's house and how he wanted to go back. :)

  2. That is such a cute party. I love how involved you are with keeping the kids entertained and active - even in that heat! And I can't believe Aaron is going to be three in no time at all! Crazy!

  3. We had a blast! Thanks for making the switch for us! We will miss you guys!!!


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