Sunday, June 15, 2014

Father's Day

This week, leading up to Father's day was insane - literally.
And it makes me all the more appreciative of Eric and what he does for our family! He is truly incredible!
We started out with breakfast in bed - all of us :)
The kids were all over that - literally.

 For his gifts, Eric got a few games, a new tool set that was picked out by an amazing tool expert (funny story - Eric was taking so long looking at the tools that Aaron got impatient, reached in the last gift bag and, while throwing it's contents yelled, "MOM MADE YOU A SHIRT!" ... next time we'll cruise through gifts a bit faster) and his "World's Best Dad Hands Down" shirt from last year got a re-vamp. Aaron helped me iron on drums to the back so they can massage Eric as they play!

I tried to get a few pictures before we headed to church but neither kiddo wanted to cooperate so I just grabbed my favorite. We got a few individuals after church that turned out better.
Really, this explains how we usually are when daddy is home...
 Eric asked for Hamburger Quesadillas for dinner which is a family favorite so I was happy to oblige.

I'm so lucky and so grateful to have Eric be the one who helps me teach and guide these adorable kiddos.

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