Friday, June 13, 2014

Out of Town

That's how many days in a row I have been privileged to spend with Eric. Every day since Christmas Break ended in 2010 we have seen each other. He has always gone out of his way to see me even when I was in another city hosting conferences and events.

That's how many nights in a row I've been privileged to spend with Eric. Every night since our marriage.

When Eric told me he was going out of town on a company retreat for 3 days he knew it'd be hard on me. He went out and got me flowers and a movie. He picked up dinner and brought home several cans of coke.

We wanted to make this last forever. 
We didn't want to have to spend a day or a night apart and we worked so hard to make it happen...
But we knew it would one day happen.

I didn't realize how much strength I gain during the day saying to myself,Eric will be home in 4 hours, I can do this ... 
He'll be home in 1 hour, I can make it!
I didn't realize it till he was gone.

I know many people are away from their spouse on a continual basis. Knowing that they do it doesn't make it easier. Being told they survive doesn't make it easier - so don't say it. Just try to understand my pain.

Eric was gone from Wednesday to Friday with dance festival for me starting ridiculously early on Friday.
Aaron and Audrey definitely missed Eric. Audrey crawled around the house calling for him and Aaron asked over and over when he would be home to play... When he did a video chat with us the first day (the kids were asleep or gone for the other chats) both kids raced for the phone and longed to see him. It was adorable.

We did what we could to make the time go faster.
We spent as much time outside as we could.

 For his birthday, Aaron got a bug container. It has built in holes so the bugs get air and it has magnifying glasses on the lid so you can see your bugs better. Aaron has been wanting to put a bug inside since he got it so when a lady bug landed on my leg we raced in the house to get the container! At first, Aaron loved it. He was intrigued and excited. We named the lady bug Vin and Aaron loved carrying her around. But slowly, he became agitated. He seemed worried. I asked him what was wrong and he turned to me in a sad voice saying, "Mama, if I keep her, she'll never see her family! I have to save her! I have to send her back to her family!" What a compassionate little boy. He truly cared for this bug and knew the importance of being with family. We took some pictures of him with her (she's in the container still) and then we set her free - we saved her. It was adorable how desperate he was to let her be with her family.

Part of our time outside was spent on walks. One walk, we went to McDonalds ... cause I'm not going to cook if I'm not feeding my husband... It took some coaxing to get Aaron to go on the play structure. He wanted to stay by me he said ... but I told him that there were other kids up there and that it would be fun, so he eventually went.

 At first, he convinced a few girls to follow him around as he would say, "Follow me! Let's go this way" They were probably 5 or 6 so he was quite proud of himself. But soon he wanted to change the game, and he did. It didn't take long before every single child in the play place was playing his game (there were probably 15 kids). He was called "monster." He raced around roaring to his little heart's content as the decibel level in the room raised at an alarming rate. Children's joyful screeches filled the room as they ran away and warned each other that the monster was coming! They would yell, "I'm up here monster! Come get me!" And he'd yell, "I'm coming, RAAAAWR!" I was so proud to watch him play so well with kids of all ages.

Even Audrey had fun on the play structures!

When I asked Aaron to come down his response was, "sure!" He didn't whine or cry like many of the other kids. He gave me a hug and kiss and hopped in the stroller. What amazing kids I have! Thanks for not making this harder than it already was, little ones!

 Wednesday night, Aaron slept in my bed so I wouldn't have to be alone. We turned on a movie and both fell asleep to it. I slept terrible... I woke many times in the night as I tossed and turned without Eric's regular breathing beside me, without him randomly pulling me close for middle of the night snuggles... It was hard.
We also spent time working on Eric's Father's day gift ... Aaron was a big helper! 
And we played in the rain! It was coming down hardcore! What a cooky kid.

Ane came for the kids Thursday evening. Since I had to be at the venue super early, it was easier to have the kids sleep over at her house... 

When I had the house to myself, I first watched videos on how to install laminate flooring incase I could install our entry way and surprise Eric. It didn't take long for me to realize I'd most certainly need his help.

Sorry chum...

Next, I tried to relax by taking lots of "me time..." Nail painting, bubble baths, the Bachelorette... But it was still hard... It was a nice time but it would have been nicer with the thought that Eric was on his way home...
I'd rather not address sleeping in my house - alone. Thanks. 
I took Nyquil so I would sleep.

I skipped out as early as I could from the Dance Festival. It was a long day and I couldn't wait to get home.
Isn't he dreamy?!? He had a blast on his retreat (I'll post on that later)
... but we are both happy to have him home!
The kids missed him something fierce. 
I think we all grew from the experience though it's something I don't have a desire to repeat.
Think I'm pathetic all you want ... 
I simply love my husband and have never had a desire to have "alone time" without him... not even once. 
No burning desire for a "girl's night" with time away from my husband.
We are better together and have the same interests. 
It just works and I would spend all day every day with him if I could.

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