Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Audrey is 11 Months Old!

Say What?
You're probably tired of me saying how shocked I am that another month has flown by...
But I am. get over it.

She says Mama, Dada, Mo Mo (More), Na Na (no no) La La (singing) Ba Ba (babbling)

She loves to share. She very rarely has a binkie, but when she does she tries to put it in my mouth. She hands me things like books to read to her (which she loves) or things to hold onto for her that she comes back for. She loves to put stuffed animals in front on my face for me to kiss.

She still plays great with Aaron but is very good at asserting her will and letting him know when he needs to give her something or when she doesn't like what he's doing.

Her eyes are still blue and her hair is coming in fast (in the back) super blond!
Her favorite foods are otter-pops and crackers these days. And cheese - always cheese.

She LOVES water - she adores playing in it in the tub or the pool. She also loves animals, real and stuffed.

 She's as crazy mobile as ever! Even starting to walk!
She's fast ... so stinking fast. I turn my back for half-a-second and suddenly I'm spinning in circles looking for her.

She is always talking - always. And she LOVES to give kisses!

 Everything still goes into the mouth...
She's very quiet as she curiously explores.

She loves to play with Daddy and Aaron

She keeps herself entertained most of the time. I often find her back here, playing the drums! It's one of her favorite places to be and favorite "toys".

She loves to help mom

We love having her in our home!

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