Saturday, June 28, 2014

Anniversary Date!

On our actual anniversary, I cooked a steak and potato dinner for us (brought to you by GP and Grammy and Omaha Steaks - THANKS A TON!) before Eric took off to visit a home teaching family that needed him - I'm glad he was able to help them. Eric gave me the traditional anniversary rose with a twist. Normally they are made of crystal, but this is a real rose covered in lacquer and edged in real gold. It's so beautiful!

Eric's parents took the kids yesterday afternoon till this afternoon; boy has it been nice!
For our anniversary date, Eric and I knew we wanted to go to Portland but had no idea where we wanted to go. We decided we'd drive in and see where we stopped... 
We ended up stopping near the Keller Auditorium, near the water front.
We had fun walking around the shops and then down along the waterfront where Eric took me the night he proposed! We even went to the same restaurant as that night - Three Degrees

I even ordered the same meal that we shared 4 years ago ... But I ate it all on my own this time. 
 Along with the rose, Eric got me/us the game King of Tokyo - a board game I've had my eye on recently and I got him a few more PC games to add to the ones he got for Father's Day.

After Portland, we set up a tent in the back yard. I decided it would be fun to play scary games outside and sleep in the tent - and Eric was man enough to go along with it. We sure had fun!
We played Amnesia outside. We couldn't get Slender to work on Eric's laptop. 

This morning, we slept in. Do you know what that's like? I didn't, until today! Then we played games, including Slender on the projector to make up for not playing it last night. Then, my stud stayed home to clean the kitchen while I went to get the kids.
Happy Anniversary! Thanks for the amazing day!

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