Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Aaron 2.5 Years!

I can hardly believe Aaron is 2 1/2 years old! It blows my mind.
He still surprises me every single day with new things he says!

Here are his stats!
Height:                          3 feet!
Weight:                        27.5lbs

Some of my most recent favorite Aaron-isms:

  • Aaron loves to pretend to be different things - usually animals or characters from movies. He'll run around in circles, roll over, sit, and play fetch as a dog, rub against my leg as a cat, and squeal high pitched loudly with intermixed grunts as Audrey - haha!
  • I absolutely adore Aaron's prayers. He often prays for "daddy be nice" and "mama audrey daddy feel better" and recently, he prayed for a puppy ... hmmmmmmm
  • Aaron loves to use our ottoman as a "toy box" like the one from Toy Story. The other day he invited me to join him inside the toy box. I informed him I was too big and he said, "oh, you mean you're too heavy..."
  • Aaron loves to Freeze Ray me - haha. He loves Despicable Me!
  • He loves to sit down and read his scriptures. When we read with him at night, he repeats everything Daddy reads. So when he reads by himself, he expects me to repeat him as he says words like, "Nephites," and "Jesus Christ," and "Joseph Smith." He even counted once and informed me that he saw "Three Nephites" - how cool!
  • Aaron also assumes all food is his...
    • He is spectacular at claiming my drinks - either he sticks his hand inside and grabs an ice cube (here ya go kid, the drink is yours) or when he has a runny nose, he pulls out the straw, licks it from end to end and then returns it, giving me a glance that says, yeah, I just did that ... surrender your smoothie,

    • I made myself a pizza panini for lunch and set it down for 2 seconds. Suddenly, Aaron had acquired my sandwich and I had to ask him for a bite. He would feed me the areas with no pepperonis (thanks) and as I would take a bite he would say, "good job! That's a big bite! Yay mama!"
    • The life of nachos in my home goes something like this:  Mama makes herself a plate of nachos and makes Aaron his own lunch. Aaron abandons his lunch for the nachos knowing he can eat his lunch after he helps mama dispose of her nachos. The race for the chips with the most cheese commences as chips with little or no cheese quickly pile up on the side of the plate closest to mama - courtesy of Aaron. If mama does not eat an entire chip in one bite, Aaron assumes she is holding it for him and he takes a bite saying a quick, "thank you." The nachos are then gone, the majority being in Aaron's stomach as he heads off to go eat his own lunch.
  • Aaron gets himself dressed - all but his shoes. He can also undress himself at will. This often means his clothes are mismatched of he is wearing 3 pairs of underwear...
  • Aaron plays so well on his own - I absolutely love sneaking in and watching!
  • He is super creative! We were outside and he informed me that he had found me an umbrella - it was a large dead flower. But it had a long stem and a big head which makes the perfect umbrella!
  • Aaron steals Audrey's headband every chance he gets because he wants to wear them. And he is always so proud of himself!
  • Aaron can climb anywhere he wants. He watches where I put things - like the oreos (he'll eat the entire pack if I don't catch him quick enough) - and then gets them down on his own, even on the highest shelf! I've moved all of his favorites lower ... if he's going to get them anyway, might as well be safe about it.
  • Aaron loves to sing! He has his favorites and often surprises me with ones he learned in nursery.
  Sorry this is fuzzy - but it's the one where he does it the best!
He is quoting Vector from Despicable Me.

Aaron quotes the opening dialogue for Megamind

One more movie quote - his own adaptation of the request to see the floating lights in Tangled

Sing After Me!

The monkey and the alligator

Aaron Hornibrook is 2!

I love this middle one - he looks like he's wondering where his super-suit went! 

 See? Takes clothes off at will...

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