Wednesday, January 15, 2014

A Picture for Mama

I was putting Audrey down for a nap and Aaron decided to do a craft ...
I came down to find this. There was some permanent marker on the couch but not much. I praised his picture, informed him the marker wasn't a toy and proceeded to try to clean the couch.  I looked online for how to remove the sharpie but the ideas they had weren't working - so I flipped the cushion over. Problem solved.

I went about my business and it wasn't till something drew my attention to the kitchen floor that I found this:

Dear Aaron,

Thank you for the beautiful picture.

Double Thank you for not drawing it on the wall as my tactics to clean it (steel wool, hairspray and nail polish remover) would not have worked.

And I will thank you to please not do it again.

Love, Mama

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