Tuesday, January 28, 2014

6.5 Month Stats

We went to the doctor today and got Audrey's stats!

                                  Height:                          26.25"                 57th Percentile
                                  Weight:                        14lbs 1.8oz            12th Percentile
                                  Head Circumference:        16.26"                  21st Percentile
                                  Weight for Height:                                   4th Percentile
                                  Eye Color:                      Gorgeous Blue-Green - Almost Hazel
                                  Hair Color:                     Strawberry Blond and getting longer!
                                  Clothing Size:                 3-6 month with a few newborn things thrown in

It's pretty crazy to think how old she is getting!
She says Mama and Dada as babble words now.
She and Aaron play super well together!

She is getting closer to crawling every day!
She sits up so well and loves to eat!
She loves the drums and playing with herself in the mirror.
And as always, she is such a happy baby!

 Everything is a toy to her :)
We no longer bother to put her on blankets - she is so mobile. We do, however, vacuum almost daily!

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