Tuesday, January 14, 2014


It has been a while since I posted one of these so ... enjoy! I also threw in a bunch of random photos :)

Aaron is into saying that my food is yucky - eeeeeeew - gross ... until I take away his drink ... then suddenly my cooking is "delicious"

I asked Aaron if he wanted soup or pizza for lunch and he opted for soup. So I got him soup and as he ate it, I got myself pizza. I set down my pizza and went to set up Despicable Me - his current favorite movie - for us to watch while we ate. He walked over, saw my pizza and said, "Why thanks Mama for getting me pizza!" and proceeded to take a bite #facepalm

While we were in  Utah, Aaron stayed up late all the time. One night, he even went to bed on time but woke up and was then up for what seemed like ages... I asked him, "Aaron, why are you awake?" He gave me a knowing look and said, "Because, Mama, I wake up!"  *oh, right ...*

Recently, Aaron wasn't listening to what I asked him to do so Eric put him in timeout. When he was released, Eric reminded him he needed to apologize. Aaron walked over to me and said, "What are you doing, Mama?" Eric said, in a chiding tone, "Aaron..." You could visibly see the wheels in Aaron's head turning as he tried to figure out what he was supposed to say ... He then got a very pleased look on his face as he decided he figured out what was appropriate, "You are very beautiful, Mama!" ... winner!

The other day, I was getting Aaron some chocolate milk. As I was screwing on the lid I accidentally knocked over the cup. I fumbled to grab the cup and in doing so, some of the milk sloshed and got on Aaron's face. He then, slightly enraged said,
"Hey! You hit me with chocolate milk! That was not very much nice! You should be nice. Just leave me alone! You should clean it up, I'm going over here!"

I love how much Aaron loves to snuggle - today, he crawled up on my lap while I was at the computer and promptly fell asleep.

Aaron has a crazy desire to always be on the counter and find treasures... the other day he found a banana and carried it around all day - poor bruised banana. Today, he found the butter - and brought it to me, in his hand, and placed it in my hand ... gross.

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