Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Why I Countdown

Some days, I count down to bedtime because the day has been hectic - Aaron has been difficult, Audrey has been needy, and I am ready for a break!

But most days, I look forward to it for a different reason - for the tender moments I get to spend with my kids.

Every day, I get to rock both of my kids. They are so sweet and special. Sometimes I rock them together and other times separately. Audrey gives me the biggest smiles as we rock. I feed her and then tuck her into my body to help her relax and calm down.

Aaron requests every night after we rock that we snuggle. We lie together and he asks what we want to do tomorrow. I will give my suggestions and then I will return the question. He will tell me of the toys he wants to play with and the movies he wants to watch. He will tell me of the friends and family he wishes he he could see. He then pulls me down to lay on his chest. He will smile and stroke my hair and then kiss my forehead.

We will say prayers and Aaron will pour out his little soul. I love hearing the desires of his heart. He always prays for Audrey, Daddy, and myself. He prays for his other family members and for his friends. He prays for his toys and that everyone will "feel better."

What a blessing these kids are.

When I met and fell in love with Eric I thought I couldn't love any more. I had so much love in my heart I couldn't comprehend having room for any more. But I love him more every day and our children as well. It blows my mind how much love we are capable of holding!

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