Friday, August 9, 2013

Photo Dump

I have so many photos of Audrey and Aaron that are not linked to a specific occasion... but they are super cute!

Aaron didn't 
want his baby to feel left out... 

This is Audrey's "Why Me?" face

Audrey started smiling at 4 days old when she would hear my voice. She has slowly started smiling even more!

 Aaron was watching home videos of him with my Dad and got so comfortable on the back of the couch that he started to fall asleep. The other photo, we were experimenting to see which kind of Oreo Aaron liked best ... turns out, as long as the word cookie is involved, he'll eat it :) He eats the filling first though, every time!

Eric went to a "guy's night" so Aaron and I made popcorn and watched How to Train Your Dragon.
Audrey turns and scoots ... she started 90 degrees rotated and in the middle of the blanket...
Aaron loves to use his stool as a desk for coloring :)

This is what complete relaxation looks like

 I was making pizza and Aaron got so excited thinking it was cookies. He was rather disappointed when he got on the counter. But he was still a great helper!

Aaron doesn't care if the backyard is perfect - he still has a blast playing!

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