Thursday, August 22, 2013


Some of my favorite moments with Aaron today:

  • Aaron: "Mama, Audrey beautiful."
    Me: "Yes, she is."
    Aaron: "Mama beautiful too!"
    Aaron then repeated this replacing beautiful with special and gorgeous.
    Me: "Aaron, you are handsome!"
    Aaron: *with a knowing look* "Daddy handsome too!"
  • While in the car
    Aaron: "Mama! Audrey crying! She sad! ... FIRETRUCK!!!!!"
  • Aaron: "See Papa and Tom?"
    Me: "Sorry bud, they will be here tomorrow; after bedtime nuh-hye."
    Aaron: "Oh, after nuh-nye..."
    Me: "Yes, after."
    Following his nap, Aaron entered my room rubbing his eyes.
    Aaron: "Good morning, Mama."
    Me: "Uh, good morning?"
    Aaron: "After nuh-nye. Where Papa and Tom? Where? I don't see them..."
  • Aaron was playing outside and heard him say, "need help!" I got up to see what he needed help with and as I came closer, I heard him say, "HEY BUG! You need help?!?"
  • Another moment outside:
    Aaron: "Hey Bird! Tweet tweet wheeeeeeeeeeeeooooooooooo! Tweet tweet wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeoooooooooooo!"
    This is apparently how you talk to birds :)
I love this little guy. He cracks me up and surprises me at every turn with how much he understands and remembers and knows!

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