Friday, August 30, 2013

Family Reunion, Day 1

Today we officially started the Hornibrook Family Reunion - and boy did we start it off right! To begin with, the adults who were able, got sitters for the kids and attended the Temple for an Endowment Session. It was so fun to hear Aaron parade around saying how Eric and I were going to the Temple. He then said, "Aaron go Temple?" I tried to teach him that he could go when he was older, and he paraded around saying, "Aaron go Temple after ... later ... ready." Super cute.

The church just produced a new Endowment movie and boy was it spectacular. While all of the wording is the same, different things for our day that need to be emphasized were emphasized. One of the main things I took away was a desire to have a relationship with Eric like the one Adam and Eve have. It was so obvious how much they loved each other and cared for each other and they were always serving and protecting each other - looking to one another for guidance. I was in tears almost immediately!

After the temple, we met up to go swimming. This has become a family tradition (one that I take full credit for as it was my idea to add it to the first family reunion back in 2011). Aaron was excited at first but once he realized how deep the water was, he did not want to go in other than to dip his feet in the small pool off to the side. He would allow me to carry him and he even jumped with Eric once and jumped to Eric once ... but otherwise was content to cheer everyone else on! And boy did he cheer - lots of applause and "YAY!'s" as his cousins went down the slide.

Aaron and Thomas are growing into great friends. They play well together and have a lot of fun! Today at the pool, they matched!

Audrey in her swim gear - this is what summer is about!

Aaron had fun with his little water gun

The one time Aaron jumped in with Daddy and then they swam over to me. Yes, that child with the red-looking hair is mine... Only when it's wet!

As part of her drum camp, Katie was picked up in a limo and taken to a Taylor Swift Concert - so we got a photo with all the kids. After the photo, Aaron tried to climb into the limo, soaking wet. Oops.

I love that we do this swimming outing each year! What a great tradition!

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