Tuesday, August 20, 2013

My Creative 2 Year Old

Today, when I put Aaron down for a nap, he fought the nap... he played for over an hour.
That's why, when I walked past his room and smelled poop, I did nothing - because he had finally fallen asleep. I figured I could deal with poop later.

When he awoke and came out of his room, I saw him covered in poop.
I marched him right back in his room and found this:

The picture really doesn't do it justice ... the poop was all over the floor, walls, doors, chairs ...
In Aaron's defense, I did find dirty baby wipes - at least he tried to clean it up first.
When that didn't work, he got creative and colored a picture ... with his poop ...

My first reaction to this situation, luckily, was mirth. I attribute that to Eric's brother, Jon.
A little while back, Jon told us how his daughters had done this exact thing and then warned us that every child does it - and our turn was coming! I thought of this when I walked in Aaron's room and it made me chuckle - I guess it was our turn.

Unsure how to proceed, I plopped Aaron in the tub and then proceeded to collect all the clothes and blankets he had soiled and then I soaked the floor.

After soaking the floor, I went about scrubbing. I have decided that someone should invent microfiber carpet - the poop came out of the rocking chair much easier than the floor!

After scrubbing, I went down to get the towels out of the dryer that I had just cleaned after Aaron's previous bouts of creativity (The first was yesterday morning. We asked Aaron to go to the bathroom and instead of using the toilet [which he usually does], he climbed upon the counter and did a jig while expelling diarrhea-esque poop and pee all over the room. The second was this morning. He shut himself in our small toilet room in the bathroom and while cleaning the toilet managed to get all the water to leave the toilet and parade itself across our bathroom floor). Guess I should have known - one is never actually caught up on laundry.

Figuring Aaron ought to help with the cleaning, 
I turned on music and he danced atop the towels to draw the water out.

This actually worked - tomorrow I will borrow a carpet cleaner and clean the carpet, 
but it will suffice for tonight.

After helping me clean, Aaron decided to go sing to Audrey - this is an adorable video! You get snippets of, several songs including, I Love to See the Temple, Popcorn Popping, Soft Kitty, Choo Choo, and a few others.

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