Saturday, April 30, 2016

Another Fantastic Date!

We had another date into Portland this afternoon - but not NEARLY as eventful as the last!
We visited the Game Masters Exhibit at the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry!
Then we hit Panera Bread for lunch and Jamba Juice for dessert - so fun!
... Wings of Liberty, my foot ... that was totally Legacy of the Void - the newest edition. Time to update your papers, OMSI!
 Let's just say that arcade games and I do not get along. Asteroids killed me
One day, I'll have mad skillz like Eric - but only if I start living in an arcade ... right now!
 This one, Rip Off, was two player and it really is a "rip off!" You can't win - you just play until the bot takes all of your triangles. haha. Good thing we got to play for free!
 YES! Eric, who is phenomenal at everything, taught me the tricks to this game, Child of Eden and I rocked it! ... About time I did well at something here!
 The SEGA game was totally broken ... and take a look at this one from 1989 running out of DOS! 
 We had such a blast! We're geeks, and we love it! 

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