Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Park Play-Dates!

We've been enjoying some fun park play-dates!
Our first was with Jenaca and her kids Savannah, Tammy-Lee, and Hudson.

 We seriously cannot wait to live closer to these magnificent friends!
  Audrey is pretty much addicted to the tire swing. She loves it! When I couldn't handle pushing her any more, Savannah sweetly came and took over! 
 With today's play-date ... it wasn't particularly warm, or sunny. In fact, it was cold and cloudy. But, still so much fun! Today we saw Janey, a friend of Eric's from high school who is in town visiting. (Before you you say, "wait, what?" trust me ... she's awesome, and I'm so glad she made time to hang out with me!) She has two daughters, Emily and Lauren.
On our way to Ibach park, we saw peacocks! How random. They were totally not phased by our van pulling right up to them ... There was a total of 4 and they were having a grand time.
 Again, super cold at the park ... it wasn't bad when we left - hence our shorts... Don't judge. At least I keep light jackets in the car for the kids (sadly, not myself) for situations like this...
 This sand was pretty fun. Granted, triple A and myself all came away needing a bandaid, or three, from slipping on the sand. Guess we all need to work on our balance!
 This large rib-cage ... thing ... was so fun for Aaron to climb! 
 Come back soon, Janey! We already miss ya! 

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