Friday, April 8, 2016


 Yeah, that little jumper used to be mine... Those are totally still in style, right?!
 I'm tellin' you guys. Best relationship ever!
He falls down, she races over. "What happen, Aaron?" He'll tell her what happened and she'll say, "Oh no! I kiss it better?" If he agrees, she gives him a kiss, helps him up, and even fixes his bike. 
Don't worry. He takes care of her, too! Audrey fell down but when Aaron raced over to help her, she was too injured to agree to him hugging or kissing it better. Later, while playing together, Aaron accidentally knocked her down. he asked, "do you forgive me?" She did not reply; she simply, silently, held out her hand, which Aaron took ahold of. He asked if he could give her a "birthday kiss." (yeah, no idea on that one) She nodded, and after a quick kiss on the cheek, he placed his arm around her and they both smiled. 
Aaron also LOVES to pick "flowers" (blossoms) for Audrey, myself, and Adelynn!
 Aaron had my phone and took a picture of me comforting Audrey after she fell. After, he wanted a picture of himself and I ... but he wanted one of him squirting me with water! 
 What a goof!
 Each time we go outside they ask, "Can we go outside to ride bikes?" I say sure, and then after 5 minutes of bike riding, we're headed for the dirt... much dirt ... so much fun ...
A small part of me feels bad for this worm ... see, she's been carrying it around for the last 20+ minutes. Then again, the other part of me feels no shame because she's so happy that the worm is "so cute" and that "it tickles!"
   We sure love the kids in our neighborhood!
 Last night, in the tub, Audrey informed me that she is, in fact, a mermaid. And, that her tail is pink!
She decided this, again, upon playing in the sprinklers. Aaron also wanted to be a mermaid. He even chose a mermaid name ... Sebastian. We haven't watched The Little Mermaid in a loooooooong time, but this means we should definitely pull it back out!
Daddy pulled out the pool - and it has been a blast!
 When you want to go outside, but haven't realized the door is locked... 
Adelynn learned a new trick! This is something we have ONLY seen her do on the grass!
Sorry the video is all to the side ... I wasn't watching through the view finder.

Adelynn also had her first otter-pop experience at the beginning of this month. It had to be documented... with way too many pictures. You know how it is... 
 I just LOVE spring in Oregon!

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