Sunday, May 1, 2016

Wait ... What?!

Somehow ... April ended when I wasn't looking!
Another thing that happens when I'm not looking...
Hey, at least I don't have to clean up that popcorn now ... And whenever I wonder, "where did you get that?!" I remember that Adelynn has older siblings ... and they also like to chomp on the outside of a lemon I grated the zest off of... Cause, ya know, why wouldn't you want to?
 We watched Sunday General Conference at Eric's Parents' home, which was lovely, as always! 
Proud of the letter A he made!
Aaron showed me his bread and how it was the letter R. He also brought me this picture one day. He told me it was a "thank you note." I asked what he was saying thank you for and he replied, "Thank you for loving me!" Seriously, can my heart melt any faster?!
Aaron's a great manipulator, too... Check out this example:
Aaron: Mama, can you come help me hang this on my door? I heard that ... uh ... You're the best man... oops, no - You're the best MAMA in the world!
Me: Oh really? Where did you hear that?
Aaron: Uh, from myself...
Taught the kids Uno and Go Fish - they love it!
And Audrey loves wearing a necklace, like Mama!
This girl loves to give hugs!!!
 These kids sure love their daddy! And he is so patient with them! It's adorable!
Greater love hath no daddy than this, that he get his hair done by his kids!

 I went on a mini-date with Audrey... aka, a grocery trip, just the two of us. It was so fun! 
 The kids love having "tea parties" 
 At work, the IT Support Team's office was painted and so the office was gutted. They received some new furniture and Eric told he he'd be staying late to try and organize it. I begged him to let me come! "PLEASE?! You know I LOVE THAT STUFF!!!" I was at his mom's house when we spoke and she offered to keep the kids while we worked! Excuses gone, he had to let me come now!
So, here are some before pictures. What you don't see are the 3 other white plastic bins full of cables unorganized! 
I probably drove Eric nuts, but man did I have fun! Everything has a place, down to the last cable!
 Adelynn loves stuffed animals, Audrey loves her sunglasses - 'nuff said! 
Not even winded... Eric told me about her little trick (he was intrigued and followed her up the other day), but this is the first time I stepped away long enough to not catch her on the first step or two... Yeesh, time for another gate.
 Aaron is seriously the best little man I could have asked for! 
Sure, he gets in to trouble now and again, like giving himself a black eye while playing on an exercise ball ... but he's really quite sweet! He loves trying on Tom's old suspenders, making Daddy out of glow sticks, saying things like, "Mama... I think I just burped out my butt" ...
 ... and building airplanes out of tinker toys!
These kids are my LIFE! And I love it!

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  1. Hahaha! Don't you just love some of the things kids say--burped out my butt! Hahah! Love you! Miss you lots!


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