Sunday, April 24, 2016

Tom Came to Visit!

Wanting to visit his mission, and see us, of course, Tom, and his friend, Kito, came to visit!
They only stayed for a week, but we sure packed in the fun!
 At first, poor Kito was overshadowed by Tom. But, once he put his watch on Audrey. She was smitten. It was Kito this and Kito that for the rest of the week. In fact. After they left, she started calling me Kito... anything to feel like he was still here... It's pretty much adorable. 
 The kids got better later in the week and let Kito and Tom sleep in. But right after they arrived?! Yeah, right. They were way too excited! Despite her love for Kito, Audrey also loves Tom - don't worry. Thankfully, Tom and Kito told Aaron how cool it is to have short hair, so he finally agreed to let me cut it! Look at the above pictures from church and then on down; it's so drastic!
 We had fun starting a game called Time Stories. It was quite a fun-filled evening! 
There was also lots of fun to be had in the backyard!
We made sure to maximize the time we were given! Tom, Kito, the kids, and I all went to the zoo! We rode the train, of course!
... I'm not trigger happy ... Why would you think that?!
These girls - those green eyes and those blue eyes get me every time!
We got A&A maps of the zoo when we went in ... Aaron, per his usual, tried to walk while reading. He managed to run straight into a stroller and fall on the kid in the front - despite us all hollering for him to stop. We managed to divert his other potential disasters...
Don't worry... Tom knows to stop walking when being forced to read a map.
The most adorable birdies I've ever seen!
This tunnel never gets old! Literally ... never ... we have to drag the kids away each time we visit the zoo!
Ok, ok ... how was I supposed to pick just one picture to share?! The otters were following the kids! So cute!
The cougars are right against the glass - sleeping. It was pretty spectacular!
We found the "reins" on the big "horse" were broken. To say they were both disappointed is an understatement.
The sea lions were also following the kids! I love when the animals are active!
Aaron decided he wanted to be the one to help Audrey on the monkey swings this trip (her arms are too short to reach from pole to pole)! He was so proud of her as he pushed/pulled the swings together and then would back up as she grabbed hold. She beamed each time he would cheer.
They make such a great team!
**side note ... apparently Adelynn took her shoe off here. By the time I noticed, we were long gone. But, I knew this is where it had to be, and I love those shoes... so I gave my gear and kids to the boys, took my phone, and ran all the way back. Got lost on the way to find where the boys and the kids ended up, and essentially alternated sprinting and jogging through the whole zoo. Yeesh!**
Aaron was talking about how tired he felt, so I let him hop on my back while I pushed the stroller up the hill. It didn't last - Tom ended up carrying him instead... thank goodness! And Kito took over the stroller, too! Such gentlemen!
Winded, but I found the shoe! I made it back in time for a group photo. 
And, the kids got quarter monkeys, so they were happy as could be!
The train ride back was so much fun - the kids love it, even Adelynn!
We also made sure to hit the beach! It wouldn't be a visit from Tom without the beach!
Well, this trip was  ... definitely different than the others we've taken! The tide was super high, and getting higher by the second! Our poor cave was completely overrun!
Did that stop any of them from going in the water? Not even a moment's hesitation ...
Bunch of crazies! Oh, did I mention it was raining, too?!
They had so much fun! I know I'm about to over post, but the smiles on their faces ... I can't stop myself! Click on the pictures to make them full screen - you'll see what I mean!
Never mind the rain, and the fact that the water was freezing! They kept diving back in for more!
This does not look fun to me - but they loved it!
Look how big those waves are!
Eric was so sweet and suggested they all look at me for a picture ... but theeeeeeen...

Here's how it went down:
But the kids still came out happy! Eric encouraged them to let him bring them in to dry off, but when they saw Tom and Kito were still in the water, they wanted to go back in too!!! And they wanted to be held by them as well, which gave Eric time to start the fire!
Tom and Kito are such good sports... Giving up the depths to make wonderful memories with my kids.
Adelynn had a warm coat, but she wouldn't keep the blanket on! So, I took Eric's pants, put her in them, and cinched them around her neck. Problem solved! Her poor neck fat - all bunched up, haha!
Mmmmm - lunch!
You better believe bringing the extra table leaf was a grand idea!
Oh the sticky s'mores fingers!
On the way home there was a crash that caused us to add an hour and a half to our travel time by going a different route. It was so foggy, but so cool!
Tom and Kito headed out this afternoon. Aaron is moping, and Audrey keeps saying, "Where Kito and Tom? I weally love them ... I weally miss them!"
It was so much fun to have them here! Know that you are ALWAYS welcome! Come back any time!

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