Monday, January 25, 2016

Precoa Spotlight

Eric was spotlighted on the Precoa employee directory website today so I figured it'd be a great time to spotlight him here too and talk about what he does!
If you have a problem, Eric is the guy to call. From computers to phones to door locks to office layout, Eric coordinates it all! As the IT Coordinator and Assistant Systems Admin, Eric works hard to ensure that everything functions as it should and runs smoothly. Eric is friendly to work with and supportive as he helps employees maneuver through frustrating computer glitches. He has an extensive knowledge of software and hardware -- and how to make sure those two are talking! He makes sure the conference rooms and employees' desks have the equipment and functionality they need to pursue their ambitions. Eric specializes in effective programs to make sure that the IT Support Team is able to meet your needs quickly and confidently. He is always managing a project to make the team, and Precoa, better!

People ask where Eric works and I always get weird looks when I say that Precoa is a marketing company for funeral homes. To be honest, I don't know how else to describe it. Precoa provides training and counselors to funeral homes to help patrons pre-plan, pre-arrange, and pre-pay for their funerals. Sounds dark, but it really isn't. Think of the misery that you save your family when you pass away if they don't have to worry about arrangements and all they have to do is grieve! It is such a valuable service and I am so glad Eric is a part of a company that is bettering lives!

Eric makes sure the company keeps running, haha. If something goes wrong in the field, he's who they call. If hardware goes down, software malfunctions, or projectors aren't connecting to laptops, Eric goes in to solve the problem. He is the coordinator when the office layout needs to change and he drafts up the plans of where the cubicles will go, what kind of rewiring needs to happen, and all the costs - then he makes it happen! He works on requisitions for new supplies and works with vendors to find the best deals. He creates indepth analyses of department needs in the projected future to help the VP's make the most of their budgets.

One of my favorite things to hear about when Eric comes home are the projects he is initiating to make company life better. Anywhere from ways to get information out more effectively to helping the IT Support Team that he coordinates run faster to meet the needs of the other employees... Eric always has a project that he is working on.

Yes, yes, I'm bragging a bit ... but really, can you blame me?

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