Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Kind Gestures

I love the sweet things my kids do for me.

Aaron was eating cashews and after putting 2 together thought it looked like a heart. So he called me over and said, "Mama, it's a heart, for you! Heart equals love!" So sweet! He also has become obsessed with Mother's Day? He has been gifting me his cars a few times a week to say, "Happy Mother's Day!" Audrey came in wanting to perform a check-up on me as she saw me lying down. After she finished, I told her I was just tired and needed a nap. She grabbed the towel she had used in the shower and laid it on me, patted my head, and told me to rest. It was so cute!

 I had fun leaving this for Eric to find one day.

I wanted to have a "romantic meal" with Eric. I prepped the meal and Eric suggested instead of eating at the table, I bring it upstairs after. I made some steaks, grilled some peppers and onions, whipped up homemade potatoes and gravy, and headed upstairs to find he had lit candles, placed them in a circle for us to eat in, and brought up a video of a fireplace for us to watch as we ate. How cute!
 I was up late with the kids and woke up to find notes all throughout the house - on my XBOX controller, the kids rooms, the dishwasher, the bathroom mirror ... you name it! It was so sweet of Eric to take the time to write and place them all! 
Eric also picked these up for us to enjoy after he had to stay late at work. The are Olive Garden's Italian Donuts. Haven't had them? Why not?!? Get going ... now!
Eric truly is an unsung hero - despite whatever hard day he may have, he's still ready and willing to help when he comes home. I had a frustrating encounter (tears sort of encounter) with insurance today, a particularly bad day for him - but he immediately called them to sort it out for me anyway. He does so much for people at work that goes unnoticed or unrecognized since he's on a support team and what he does is expected - but really, no ones can do it like he does!
Keep at it darling - you're absolutely amazing!

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