Thursday, January 21, 2016

Our January So Far

After cleaning his room, Aaron informed me that he and Audrey had packed their "things," climbed aboard a pirate ship (the chair), and are now sailing for "North Arctica." Also, every night for a week starting Dec. 31, Aaron would declare at 6 pm that it was late and they needed to get ready for bed. Audrey was all for it each night - one night in particular she was so ready she fell asleep instantly! Each night that week the kids were in bed before 6:30 - amazing! After that, they went back to 7:30.
 There are so many reasons to love this picture! 1. My faithful hubby always does the dishes! 2. Adelynn wants to help ... just as both of my other kids did too. In fact, here's the other two, too! (of course I snapped Audrey's of just her and not with Eric's legs... *facepalm*)
Audrey: "Hey Mama. We sleeping!" (it started with just Audrey and Elsa - but Aaron happily joined in)
 I was cold so Eric got me a blanket - he was proud of the placement and took a picture... Also, Audrey still looks for Reindeer...
 We went to visit Eric's other mother, Jean Wiggins (Zach's mom) and Audrey promptly collapsed on the floor and fell asleep. Bruce, the dog, was intrigued and struck a similar pose. She made us a cobbler with ice cream. 
Aaron: Look, Mama, I mixed it! Me: ...Are you going to eat it? Aaron: No. If I do, I'll turn into a dragon...
 I think it's pretty obvious who was interested in the Superhero Show we were watching... 
Also, Eric and I have been having fun playing Pandemic prepping to play Pandemic Legacy!
 Jake came over for a little Star Wars games but he and Eric also played with the kids :)
Eric sat Aaron down and explained how instructions work - he walked him through a few parts and Aaron has done the rest from there! He's loving it!
 Audrey - the master snack snatcher!
 Audrey surprises me daily with the new things she's learned and her desire to be a big girl. She has talents and abilities that I didn't teach her and never expected a child as small as her to possess!
Today she, as always, did amazing at the dentist and I couldn't help but let her pick out 3 puzzles instead of 1. We sat down to do the puzzles and she instantly grabbed pieces saying, "FIA! FACE!" and put them together correctly! I was blown away! I sat beside her prepared to help, but she basically did the puzzle on her own! Way to go kiddo!
And that's where we're at now! I'm loving every . single . second I get to spend with my little family!
It isn't always perfect, and we all have our meltdowns, but boy do I love them all!

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