Tuesday, January 26, 2016

National Spouse Day

Today is National Spouse Day.
Did you know? To be honest, I only know because I work for The Dating Divas.
It is also one of Eric's and my anniversaries! Today, 6 years ago, we decided to get married.

In honor of both, I thought I'd document that story!

Every Tuesday at BYU there is a devotional at 11 am. Campus shuts down - literally.
So every Tuesday, after I started dating Eric (Dec. 19) I would trek down to my apartment and we would watch devotional together. I would very rarely make it back up to campus on time for my 12 pm class. 
We would chat and life was great.

This particular Tuesday, January 26, we chatted even longer. I wish I could remember the details - we must have been discussing the future because at one point Eric stopped the conversation to say, "You realize what we're talking about, right?" I responded with, "Yeah, we're talking about marriage..." "Are you ok with that?" "Yeah..." "Good. Me too."
The next day, we went ring shopping.

That was it. Sounds simple, ordinary, and plain, right?

It was anything but that. It was one of the best moments of my life. I knew I loved Eric - I had even told him that a week before. And I knew he loved me - he showed me in everything he did and he also told me the same night I told him... But this was the moment we knew we were going to be together for eternity. There is not a single person I'd rather have by my side right now, or ever, than him!
My life changed forever 6 years ago today, and I'm so grateful!

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