Thursday, January 28, 2016

January Crafts

We sure love our crafts - painting in particular!
Here are the two painting projects the kids did this month:
 Their first project was these adorable light catchers Alaina gave them for Christmas!
 Our second project was inspired by an idea I saw online -
The kids colored some cardboard that I made into airplanes for them! 
 I'm so impressed at the way Aaron outlined his entire airplane - he's getting really good with a pen!
He ended up mixing all of his colors to see what it created. Audrey stuck with her pink and purple, as always!
The kids have also loved holding "school."
We work on letters, sounds, numbers, sight words, handwriting, etc.
Both kids are pretty great at the letters, numbers, and their sounds, and are both quite well behaved at "school!"
One day, we worked on making sure the people we draw have bodies 
(rather than a giant circle head with limbs sticking out).
 Aaron was very proud (to be honest, so was I!) of the hair he drew on his stick figure! He was very meticulous as he created the scallop around the head.

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