Wednesday, January 6, 2016

7 Months Old!

Every day is a battle...
On one side, I can't wait to watch my children grow, experience new things, gain independence, exude confidence, develop their personalities, make new friends, learn new skills...
And on the other hand, I wish they would never grow up - I wish they'd stay small forever!

And yet, time rolls forward and my children are growing. Adelynn is 7 months old and I can hardly believe it!
 Adelynn loves to be happy - and she loves to make others happy. If you laugh, she'll laugh back!
Like any other baby - mirrors are magic!
 Who knew eating plastic could be so cute?!?
Adelynn is getting better and better at walking along things like couches and ottomans... and using our hands to walk places. She is a champ at eating and hates rice cereal (as did all my other kids). Though, to be honest, she'd rather just have what we're having than her silly pureed stuff... She tries so hard to keep up with her siblings. One day, I saw Audrey squatting at the bottom of the stairs, arms poised in front of her. I came around the corner further to find Adelynn on the bottom step, Audrey prepped to catch her if she fell, and Aaron at the top. He said, "Hi Mama! We're just teaching Adelynn how to climb the stairs!" They love to play with her and entertain her! 
We all love you, Adelynn! Thanks for joining our family!

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