Wednesday, December 2, 2015


When Aaron was a baby, I had all sorts of ideas - I wanted to make each of my children a ___________.
That blank can be filled in with quilt, Christmas Stocking, Christmas Ornament ... the list continues.

Now that I've had 3 children, I'd love to go back in time and give my previous self a good talking to.
I've tried to tell myself that just because Aaron got a homemade _____ from mom doesn't mean everyone needs one ... and yet I know, for myself as a child, I would have been deeply offended had my mother made something for a sibling and not me.

So here I am again, another project... Today, I finished the Christmas Stockings!
I used a cheap stocking I had on hand to create my pattern. To do the letters, I found a font on the computer I liked, traced it onto paper, cut it out, traced the paper (backwards) onto the back side of the velvet, cut each letter out, again, and then melted the edges with a match.
Good thing I named my kids using words that radiate simplicity and didn't use any letters with holes or narrow areas like the letters a. d. e. n. o. u. r. y. ... wait.
Had I thought about this in advance, I'd have named my kids a series of lowercase l's. Three lll's for the first kid, five lllll's for the second and seven lllllll's for the third. Much simpler, I think.
I'll admit though, it was fun having Audrey walk in and ask questions... "Making?!?" "Fire?!?" "Oooooo!"

I'll update ya when I get caught up on Christmas Ornaments :)

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