Friday, December 18, 2015

Our Trip to Utah

We touched down in Utah today! Hooray!
It was a crazy flight, but we made it!
The girls helped me pack by unpacking the bags ... Thanks girls.
 Given my long history with almost missing flights, we arrived at the airport 2 hours early - just to be safe. I didn't want to be rushing through the terminals with all of our carry-on's and children.
We clearly had a lot in our hands.
 I had checked us in the day before but for some reason Adelynn wasn't showing up on my ticket. We waited in line with all the people checking their bags so we could get our tickets printed. Turns out I had put us in the row behind the exit row - a row that an infant cannot be on ... so they had to move me and the girls to a different row, on our own. The lady felt bad and offered to check our bags for us. Yahoo! We didn't have to drag the 4 bags through the airport. Good thing too, Audrey got tired in the TSA line.
 She felt more energetic once we got through though. The kids (complete with their ID tags I made them) loved looking out the window for the plane while Daddy and Adelynn sat and listened to the man play his guitar (a regular feature in the PDX airport).
 Eric decided we should be on an advertising poster for "cute families" - we even all matched, a lady came up to us to inform us of that! Along with all the other people who would stop and say how cute and well-behaved our children are. Why thank you!

 The flight was surprisingly easy. I had the 2 girls and Eric partied a few rows back with Aaron.
 Audrey had a blast coloring and we got in lots of snuggles. Adelynn even took a short nap!
 See? A party in the back, haha!
 There was traffic and snow so my family was running late to pick us up. No matter, we still had books to read!
 Hello, Utah! We are excited to play!

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