Saturday, December 26, 2015

My Focus...

I'm sure you've noticed me whining about the focus on my DSLR camera. And when I'm not whining, I'm sure you're still noticing my blurry pictures... When I look through the lens, all looks focused, then I snap the picture and it looks good on my tiny display, but put it on a computer and aw man! Well, I asked Hans, a friend of Laura's, and he said perhaps a small spec of dust was on the mirror inside the camera. So I carefully (basically using a turkey baster) blew air into the camera and VOILA! 
Behold the difference:
 Now, I fully intend to still put the blurry ones on the blog because ... they are memories despite the unfortunate haze. However, after the Utah pictures are done being blogged, you'll be done seeing the blurry pictures. You're welcome.

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