Sunday, December 27, 2015

Back to Oregon

We're home again, back in Oregon.
We had a great trip in Utah!

Our ride home was fabulous.
Per my paranoia, we arrived at the airport 2 hours early, haha! We said our sad good-bye's and headed in to the airport. Our flight was the last one of the day for Alaska Airlines so no one was in line! We went to get our tickets printed and they again offered to check our bags. Hallelujah! They also entertained our children while they processed everything. They let the kids get on the scale and see how much they weigh. So cute!
Our kids were hysterical in the TSA line this time around.
Audrey had a slight meltdown when she had to take off her backpack and coat. I reassured her she'd get them back and she proceeded to try to take off her shirt too... Don't worry kiddo, you can keep that part! After going through the sensor, Aaron noticed the gentleman in front of us had a stocking and after asking me if it was ok, he asked him what he received for Christmas. He told Aaron he had received candy and asked if he wanted a piece. Aaron pulled out a reeces in an odd shape. After unwrapping it he declared, "It's a rock! It's a chocolate covered rock!" That got many smiles from the tired TSA agents. Then, as their equipment came across the conveyor belt, Audrey, followed by Aaron, leaped for joy - they were so excited to get their things back! This earned chuckles from the TSA agents who then offered "deputy stickers" to the kids. It was super cute.
 The kids played sweetly while Eric grabbed a wrap for the two of us (we had packed plenty of food for the kids and they dove into it immediately). As we sat, a gentleman from Alaska Airlines came up to us asking if we were heading to Portland. I said we were and he asked to see our tickets. (We were in 2 seats on row 22 and 2 seats across the aisle, in the same row.) He said he'd bring them right back. When he returned, he showed us our seats were now in row 7 and we had all 6 seats across the row to ourselves - no one else in our row. YAY! Thank you!!! Alaska took care of us on both of our flights!
 We loved having the extra space so the kids could shift and move around as they pleased. We even put Adelynn in her own seat for a while. She loved that! 
 As we pulled in, the rain hit hard and we knew we were home!

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