Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Adelynn's 6 Months!

Adelynn turned 6 months old earlier this month and I can hardly believe it!
We had her doctor's appointment today, and the stats are in!

Height: 27" - 85%
Weight: 16lbs 4oz - 48%
Head Circumference: 16.5" - 35% 
(we learned they measured her head wrong last time... because apparently it shrunk)

Audrey was concerned the doctor wouldn't do a good enough job so she brought her own equipment to help!
 Adelynn is such a cheerful, adventurous baby. She is quite the mover! She crawls like crazy, sits up from laying down, and pulls herself up on things - she gets upset when she realizes she doesn't know how to get back down! Here's a look at a few things from the past 2 weeks:
 Adelynn started solids and eats like a champ!
Audrey has taken a particular interest in looking after Adelynn lately and even makes sure she gets clean!
Sometimes... I'm really not sure what's going on in Adelynn's head. 
Like, seriously ... why not stop banging your head? 
Is that thing really that entertaining?
She sure is cute though!
Adelynn is capable of getting where ever she wants these days ... the cabinets included.
I love how she is always excited to see me ...

I went to take some pictures of her today and realized the focus on my camera is out of whack ... what a shame. Sorry these are a bit blurry.

This little girl not only has me wrapped around her thumb, but she's woven her way completely into my heart. All 3 of my kids hearts and mine are intertwined and inseparable ... and I love it!

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