Friday, December 25, 2015

Our Christmas Surprise

Christmas Eve, we had a surprise! Eric and I arranged for Craig, my mom's youngest brother, to fly out and join us all for the holiday. No one else knew! So we told my family that we wanted a romantic evening for 2 on Christmas Eve (my family knows Eric and I go on dates all the time so this seemed very normal to them). We dressed the part (leather pants and I even colored my hair - we look legit!) and headed to pick Craig up from the airport. The snow was CRAZY! We saw so many accidents... But, we made it safe!
We picked up Craig and then headed to hang out with some friends of his. On the way home, Craig mentioned he wanted to do some skeetching - this is where you hold on to the tail pipe of a car and ski on the snow as they drive. Sure, why not? So Craig puts on a Santa suit and we give it a go! 
First I filmed outside the car, then I hopped in the trunk where it was warmer :)

Then, of course, when Craig suggested Eric give it a try, Eric wasn't about to say no... It was Eric's first time and it was pretty fun :) You can see the snow kicking right up in his face though - he didn't have Santa's Beard as a protection, haha.
Everyone was so surprised when we walked in the door at 4 am! Yeah, my family was still up ... 
Welcome to Utah, Craig! 

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