Wednesday, July 8, 2015

The Dentist and the Pool

My friend, Nicole, asked if the kids and I wanted to go swimming with her and her son Jack.
I readily agreed and decided to place this play date immediately following Audrey and Aaron's dentist appointment in hopes it would motivate them to be good.
Aaron was still hesitant at the dentist and took coaxing the whole time, but, he let them take x-rays (which he didn't do last time) and let them use the "dentist toothbrush" rather than a regular toothbrush!
Audrey, she was chill as could be. They took x-rays and brushed her teeth, moved her lips around, and she was content to just sit there. HOORAY! We discovered that the tooth she's missing on the top row does indeed exist below the gums, it's just randomly super slow.
 We had a blast at the pool - what a great reward for listening at the dentist! 

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