Saturday, July 11, 2015

Aaron's Jake and the Neverland Pirates Birthday Party!

We had such a blast at Aaron's Pirate Birthday Party!
We decided to keep things pretty simple this year.
The party favors were swords that the kids were able to decorate! Eric was a huge help in making them. He used my rotary cutter and cut all the cardboard - I then glued in popsicle sticks and covered a pair of swords in duct tape! 

The day before the party, I got everything ready. I had fun making the cake and the clues for the party! Aaron also enjoyed me making the cake ... haha.

Eric was gone all evening for his brother, Jon's, birthday so I was up late throwing together last minute costumes (this past week was full of play groups and dentist appointments and work meetings so I definitely procrastinated!). Audrey couldn't sleep and so she was my adorable helper - she was up until 12:30am (when I finally forced her to go to bed) and was happy and smiling the whole time. She enjoyed trying on her new pirate gear!
For those who haven't seen the show that the party was based around, Jake and the Neverland Pirates, here are the characters we dressed up as (though the adult costumes were adapted to take heat into consideration). Aaron gave us each a character to be. He chose the bird, Skully, for Eric, but little did he know I had a different plan in mind.
We couldn't have asked for better weather for the party! Cloud cover and low 70's.
We turned on a playlist from the show and the kids had a blast dancing!
 As the guests arrived, they each got to decorate a sword.
 Once all the guests arrived (plus 8 extras - yay for cousins!) I went inside to "get the cake."
But there was a problem! The cake was gone!
In it's place was a note from Peter Pan explaining that Captain Hook had taken the cake.
Peter left clues to help the kids find the cake. He also left a map for them to mark the next place to go on. 
 The older kids took turns reading the notes and clues. Aaron was our map creator. 
 The trail led them to the driveway where Captain Hook stood with the treasure.
Captain Hook then battled 17 kids and was finally bested.
 The cake was saved!
 The (original) Pirate Crew!
 The children allowed Captain Hook to join us for cake and presents!
 They all loved Captain Hook and battled him over and over.
Aaron, knowing it was really his Daddy, decided to side with the Sneaky Snook and defend him from the onslaught of little people. 
 There was a slight battle over who got to sit by Captain Hook as we opened presents.
Each friend handed their present to Aaron in turn. It was very cute!
  Thank you so much to everyone who came! You made his day so special!!!

 Aaron enjoyed spending the rest of his day playing with his new toys. He has such a creative little mind!
 Since Adelynn slept through the party, and Aaron really wanted her to be Cubby, we dressed her up afterwards and got a few extra pictures.
 I just love these kids!
Happy Birthday Aaron!


  1. Oh so fun! Love that Eric was the Captain Hook and battled the kids. Haha! Bravo!

  2. P.S. Wish we could have made it too!

  3. Oh, my gosh! This is too cute. I'm going to go to you for ideas for Cade's 3rd birthday. Miss Event Planner, you know how to do it just right for everybody involved. ;)


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