Saturday, July 18, 2015

Miss Audrey Ane Turns 2

I can hardly believe this crazy monkey is 2!!!
She is so full of personality and sass and fun!

Audrey is very sweet. If she ever sees someone with their head down (even if it's simply down to look at something) she races over and strokes their shoulder while asking, "kay? you kay?"
If Aaron gets hurt, she's the first to give him a hug.
Audrey loves to hold my hand - and she loves when I sit beside her and snuggle when we're on the couch.
Audrey asks for cake all the time - and candy.
She's great at following me around when she's hungry and saying, "sit? eat? food? candy?"
If she's not fed, she's unhappy! She's still taking one nap in the afternoon, though she's not very pleased about it when I bring her to her bed. She has toys in her room now so she plays until she's ready to sleep.
Audrey loves Care Bears, Princess Sofia, Tangled and Frozen - though, she mostly loves the music and Olaf in the last one. She asks for "snowman" when she wants to watch that movie.
She is great at stringing words together like "mama, up please?" or "mama, more milk please?" Another common one is "Where daddy go? Daddy come home?" She is very easy to hear when she hollers from the other side of the house, "MAMA! HELP PLEASE!"
Audrey pretends she knows her letters and numbers. She points to letters and then pulls random ones out -- meaning, she'll point to an E and say P though she does know the letter A. She counts by filling in the blanks while listening to me. I'll say 1 and she'll say 2, 3, then I say 4 and she follows with 5 and so forth.
Her favorite color seems to be pink and she loves crocheted blankets.
The way Audrey pronounces the word milk is mil-phlegm (this goes for all k sounds).
Lately, she's loved turning on music to sing and dance! We are always dancing :)
 This morning, we gave her a bike - she and Aaron had so much fun riding around! She's slowly, but surely grasping the concept of how to ride.
 She wanted this sucker, and how could I say no? (That's why her lips are so red in the pictures up top) 
 For dinner, we were going to attend a ward activity, but I goofed on both the time and the location... 
So we had a picnic in the backyard instead!
 One thing to note - Audrey kind of likes cake, but really, she and Aaron just like the frosting :) 
 After dinner and cake, we opened Audrey's last 2 gifts - some new dresses! She just had to try one on! 
Aaron wanted to dance and at first, Audrey just wanted to twirl. He was sad so Eric offered to dance with him. He replied, "No! I want to dance with the princess!" After hearing this, Audrey offered her hands and they danced.
She truly is a little princess.
Here's a few videos to show some of what she's up to - mostly at bed time.

That "huh?" sound is one of my absolute favorite words she says. My other favorite is: "that? wha-s that?"
The reason she says "no" after I say "I love you" is because I always say that before leaving her room and she associates it with me leaving and her having to go to sleep, haha!
This sound she does in between songs where she points at me and does kind of a growl is done every time we sing - it's her quirky way of demanding another song... so strange, but so cute!

I love this little girl and couldn't be more happy that she's in our lives!

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