Thursday, July 30, 2015

My Little Monkeys

What a crazy day today ...
We had a park play date, a telephone doctor's appointment, and then an actual doctor's appointment...
 It was 105 degrees ... SO HOT!
Look at that stylin' diva in those glasses! 
 At the doctor's, it was a 35 minute wait in the waiting room and 25 in the actual office.
It was crazy.
The kids found numerous ways to entertain themselves.
Aaron collected all of the magazines, hid behind a curtain, and then I heard this:
Hi kids! I'm going to read you a story!
Ok Daddy! What story are you going to read?!?
Well, I'm going to read one about space!
haha - he even switched from a deep voice as the "daddy" to a high pitched one as the "kids"

Aaron also entertained Audrey by singing to her. 

Then they decided they wanted to be monkeys - literally...
They went and pulled out a bunch of gloves and put them on their hands and feet.
It was hysterical. I loved how obedient they were!
Me: "Come on little monkeys! Stay out of there!"
A&A: "Ooo Ooo Ooo Ah Ah Ah! Ok!"
They have such amazing imaginations! I love it!
I had zero to do with this idea. I didn't realize it was happening until the gloves were already on their little feet!
They wore their gloves out as we went to the pharmacy and everyone got such a kick out of it!

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