Monday, July 6, 2015

How Are The Kids With The Baby?

I'm often asked, "How are your kids with the baby?"
I then tell them how it is:

They adore her. 
They aren't jealous when I hold her.
They love to take care of her.
They are super helpers - fetching and tossing diapers.
They love to feed her (though after a few minutes they get bored).
They want her to sleep in their room.
The first thing I hear from them every morning: Where's Adelynn?
They are better at finding her binkie than I am.

And no one ever believes me...
But I swear it's true!

If Adelynn starts crying, both kids race to her aid. And they are both legitimately capable of calming her!
If Audrey is in the high chair or the door to Adelynn is closed, Audrey goes into panic mode!
Absolutely adorable!

Audrey is great at calming Adelynn - Adelynn was crying during tummy time so Audrey came over and shared her blanket. Once Adelynn was properly covered, she stopped crying! I added a binkie and she fell right asleep.
I went to get Adelynn some clothes after changing her diaper and came back to find Aaron singing her this special song, "I love you just the way you are!"
Aaron asked me to take a picture because, "she's holding my hand!"
You'd think our routine would have been upset by having a baby, but it really isn't!
Adelynn sleeps so well! It allows me time to build towers with Aaron and do hair & nails with Audrey.
And the kids still play so well together! Here they are in a "space ship." Aaron would holler, "Hold on tight, Audrey, we're gonna crash!" He'd then follow it up with, "I think our ship is going naked!" I'm guessing this is from a show he's seen but he's misheard what they say. 
I've said, "Do you mean, 'I think our ship is going to make it?" and he always corrects me with, "No, it's naked."
Adelynn, we are all so glad you are here!

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