Sunday, July 5, 2015

Independence Weekend

We love our holidays so much we that we spend whole weekends celebrating them!
On Thursday, we participated in another park play group! 
Audrey (fingers), Adelynn (toes), and I made sure our nails were festive for the next day!
  On Friday, we went over to Eric's parents' home for a get together with everyone!
Audrey sang "Let It Go" the whole way there...
After our family picture, Aaron begged me to take one of him, Thomas, and Annie. Love it!
Eric's mom was out lying on the grass with Katie fanning her, Lucy massaging her feet (behind the bushes) and Audrey giving her kisses. Such is the life of a Grandma!
 Not sure that we'll ever outgrow the fun of bubbles!
 Audrey was SO tired! She eventually crashed in the swing for a brief nap.
Keeping up with the big kids is hard work!
There was a rousing game of Frisbee Golf that ended up with one of the frisbees on the roof! 
Aaron was quick to volunteer to go get it.
**side story - on our way to Eric's parents' home that day, Aaron mentioned wanting to go on the roof. I told him it was dangerous and he replied, "Oh, right. I could fall off and then I would die and then we would never see each other again..." We had a heart to heart discussion about how we are a forever family that is sealed in the temple, but it was still a bad idea to get on the roof... and then I went and let him get on the roof... *sigh* Here's hoping the lesson isn't ruined.
 At the request of Eric's mom, we brought a cake and sang to Aaron and Audrey. Then they got gifts. 
It's a request that I was ok with :)
 Adelynn was happy to watch her siblings open their gifts.
I love that smile!
 Once it got dark, we started the fireworks. Aaron enjoyed the poppers, but Audrey never quite got it. She didn't like the idea of throwing them, so she'd set them down gently on the ground.
 Aaron and Audrey enjoyed doing sparklers with Gramma and Grampa.
 It didn't take long for several kids to crash - we got home a little after 12, so it was super late!
 Saturday, the actual 4th of July, we enjoyed playing with our new gifts before prepping for our friends to join us for a party!
Don't worry - I won our game of Wackee Six!
 I enjoyed my BBQ pulled pork with some of the best girls!
 Today was much more mellow ...
Daddy makes the best pillow! All 3 asleep!

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  1. So... do you ever lose at Wackee Six? :) Fun, fun weekend.


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