Wednesday, June 17, 2015

The First Outing - The Zoo!

Each of our kids first "outings" - in the sense that it is a fun family trip - occurred around 2 weeks old.
Aaron's first outing was to Lagoon.
Audrey's first outing was to the beach.
Adelynn's first outing was to the zoo!

We took the train to get there, as always :) 
A good chunk of the zoo was closed for catering events and a lot of the animals weren't out. But, there wild pigs, fish, elephants and there were a TON of monkeys! 

 What you don't see in this picture:
The bigger elephant was eating and the little one was trying to snatch food from it unsuccessfully.  
Someone commented on this which brought it to Audrey's attention. She then tried to throw her crackers to the elephants and when that didn't work, she was throwing clumps of dried grass. 
She really felt for that little elephant!


 When we got home, all the kids crashed fast! 

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