Sunday, June 21, 2015

Father's Day!

I could not ask for a better eternal companion and father to my children.
No matter how hard things get, he never gives up. He pushes through all challenges and loves me in the process!
There really are no better footsteps for my children to follow in!
(Aaron wrote his own name and Audrey helped with hers)
For Father's Day, Eric got breakfast and lunch in bed! (he started out the day not feeling too well...)
For dinner, he requested fruit crepes. The kids were pleased they pretty much got dessert for dinner.
 I'll be honest - sometimes parenting looks like this:
but really - he rolls with the punches so well.
The kids adore him, search the house for him when he's not home, and cry when he leaves in the morning.
And in the end, these kids are priceless.
And all the craziness is worth it.
Happy Father's Day, Sweetheart! Thank you for everything!

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