Friday, June 26, 2015

I Still ...

Dear Eric,

Even after 5 years of marriage...
  • I still wear your old sweatshirt with your cologne sprayed in the cuffs and hood when I have a hard day - or when I simply miss you, wish you were close, and need comfort.
  • I still feel beautiful when you look at me - a feeling I'd never felt before I met you - something you believe so strongly, I can't help but believe it too.
  • I still love the way you pull me in, and if we somehow separate during the night, you move closer until we are once again snuggling!
  • I still get a kick out of your sense of humor - no one can make me laugh as long, hard, and unapologetically like you can.
  • I still count down the seconds until I get to see you again.
  • I still crave holding your hand.
  • I still love how you steal kisses when "no one is watching" or other public physical flirtations.
  • I still feel rejuvenated and energized after each date night - not to mention feeling closer to you!
  • I still get excited when you call during the day just to hear my voice and see how I'm doing.
  • I still melt each time you bring home flowers, a coke or french fries to show you are thinking of me.
  • I still wish I could spend every moment of every day with you.
  • I still admire your courage.
  • I still love your goofy side - I find it so attractive!
  • I still die inside every morning when you leave for work.
  • I still feel giddy when I wake up and see you in the bed beside me.
  • I still look at our children in bewilderment knowing that we made them together!
  • I still love how picky we are about our movie theaters - if we can't snuggle, why go?
  • I still know that no one gets me like you do.
  • I still melt as I watch you playing with our children.
  • I still look into your eyes and see a sense of wonder and playfulness that will never die.
  • I still love how you devour the food I make and praise it every time!
  • I still am amazed at your strength, your talent, and your dedication.
And you know what?

I'd still pick you -- Always and Forever!

Happy Anniversary, My Love!

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