Thursday, June 25, 2015

Park Play Groups

Now that I'm feeling better (aka - not pregnant...) I'm trying to actively get the kids out of the house.
This week, we went to 2 park play groups! One for my ward and one with my friend, Emery's ward (her kids are Bane and Roman).
 At the first play group, all Audrey wanted to do was be near me or swing. So, I put her in the swing and had to periodically leave her there to go check on Adelynn who was resting in the shade. Audrey would just close her eyes and sing songs the whole time (fun fact - that's what I did as a kid!).
For the last 20 minutes, she was ok with playing on the park structures by herself.
I always get a kick out of Aaron at the park... He sticks up for the other kids when a bigger kid takes a toy or messes with one of his friends, and the bigger kids always stand down! When they mess with Aaron, I watch for a bit to see when I need to intervene (though if he is getting injured, I get in there quick). He's usually more patient when the kids cut in line in front of him than when they cut in front of his friends, but he eventually will let them know that they aren't behaving kindly and put them in their place.
 The second park had a splash pad (oops) but Aaron had a blast playing in the water in his shorts.
 Audrey again stayed next to me until the last 15 minutes or so. She's quite the introvert and she shuts down when there are lots of kids around. I have a feeling she'll make progress the more we go, though.
 We are definitely enjoying getting out more! Yay for sunny days and no belly!

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