Friday, June 19, 2015

Our First 2 Weeks

We have had a great first 2 weeks!
Here's Adelynn at 4 days old.
While I was taking pictures of Adelynn, Eric took the kids to the library, park and splash pad!
The splash pad wasn't planned but it was a highlight!
There is no short supply of help when it comes to taking care of the baby! Or taking care of me for that matter! Eric and the kids went out to return a movie and came back with flowers and fries for me!
 Adelynn did great when she was 5 days old heading with me to the doctor and the hardware store.
At the doctor, Adelynn weighed in at 8 lbs 14 oz which meant I could simply feed her whenever she became hungry. Thank goodness, because I'd been letting her take 6 hour naps during the day at that point and not waking her to eat every 2 hours. She was a champion daytime sleeper!

Our first tummy time became a family event
 Adelynn has even gotten to have fun outside!
Well, mostly she slept...
 At her 2 week appointment (which took place at a week and a half), Adelynn weighed in at 9lbs 8 oz and was 21" long.

She was a great sport and went to 5 different stores with me after her appointment!

And yes, I might be obsessed with matching...
Want further proof?

And here we are today on our first day without Daddy. Things are going pretty good! 
 We are slowly but surely becoming better at sleeping at night!

To wrap things up, here are some Aaron and Audrey fun moments:
  • Aaron: Mom, I just need to jump into this movie and fix their problems!
  • Aaron (referencing Adelynn): But, I don't want her to grow big! Then she won't fit in her dress anymore! After I promised him we could buy her new dresses as she grows, he replied, Oh, ok. Then she can grow big like me!
  • Audrey love Aaron but oft times, she'll have one of his toys. He'll ask for it and generally speaking, she'll reply with, "no." If it's close to bed time or something he really wants, sometimes he'll start to cry. Audrey's response is to immediately race over and give him the toy.
  • They really do play so great together! This afternoon, they were playing pirates and I got to watch from the bedroom cameras. And they adore their new sister! They race to show her off whenever someone comes over to visit.

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