Saturday, January 3, 2015

Myth Confirmation!

Sometimes, I tell people things about my children and they look at me with wide eyes and simply seem to not believe me. Sometimes, my children perform on command ... other times, they totally refuse and make me look like a liar, haha! My favorite is when I tell people Aaron can calm down in under 3 seconds. He ALWAYS performs on this one and it's fabulous. Just about everything else is hit and miss... So ... Here is some confirmation of a few things I say!

Aaron can do puzzles all by himself - the one in front of him is 24 pieces, but he can go up to 50.

Audrey refuses to allow Daddy to play drums without her.

Audrey is happiest when she is outside with no shoes on (this is her in that mode)! I guess most people believe that one ... it's this next one they doubt. She is happy unless she sees a stranger. Then she scowls at them (I SO need a picture of this!) and if they smile, she races away screaming and crying afraid of them.

Aaron will sleep through anything - he gets it from his dad.

Audrey does, in fact, say "I Love You."

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