Friday, January 23, 2015

How Are We?

I've had a lot of people ask recently, "how are you guys?"
well ...

We are good, all things considered. This last month has felt crazy long to me. Like, insanely long.
I can't believe it's still January. 

We've been pretty sick recently. Luckily, this week we had 2 families (my friends Jenna and Stephanie) offer to bring meals and Eric's mom took the kids all day on Wednesday so I could rest. My plan for that day was to secretly get tons done (yeah, I know, right?), but I get winded just going up (or down) the stairs these days. So, I made my bed and called it good. Then I laid back down in said bed and relaxed. It was such a nice break. Not that I normally do much more than that in a day - but I didn't have to entertain or feed 2 kids while I was laying down. I'm 22 weeks along now which feels like I have an eternity left to go, but we'll make it! I try to keep myself busy with lots of snuggles and a craft here and there like this wreath I made. :)

Aaron and Audrey are coping pretty well with having a mama who has to relax all the time. Though, they've been going a bit stir crazy recently given that they have been off and on sick (currently, Audrey is sick again and Aaron is feeling better) which is why it was so nice to have them gone for a day!

A common question is, "how long are you on bed rest?" 
I don't know. And for that reason (and a few others) I'm switching doctors. I need to have more information about what's going on. So, for now, I am staying down simply because 1. I'm exhausted. 2. I definitely feel pain when I don't, and 3. It'll take a bit to get in to the new doctor so for now I'm on my own.

Other questions we've had:

"How is Eric doing?"
Aw, thanks for asking! He's doing pretty well actually. Work is very busy - he's heavily involved with not just his IT Systems Administrator work but with a complete restructure of the building layout. They've had lots of people get hired on and they are expanding to another floor. He's helping with the furniture selections and cubical design layouts and a whole slew of other stuff - plus his rush computer/phone fixes, network problems, etc. But when he gets home, he shakes off how busy he has been and focuses on us. He plays with the kids, puts them to bed, gets caught up on dishes, makes milkshakes (heartburn cure - lucky me!) and then spends time with me. I seriously couldn't have asked for anyone to love me more!

"What have you been up to?"
Well, not much, haha! We still have people over about once a week for food and games but that pretty much means I do minimal meal prep - they finish the meal when they arrive with Eric after work (or they bring the meal with them for us!) and then we play games on the couch. It's the only way I stay sane, really! And I don't have to do anything to make it happen other than open the door and say, "come in!"

We've also had friends come during the day so the kids don't get lonely!
Aaron's great friend Lily who moved further away came to visit earlier this month - how lucky!!!
We have really missed having them close!
 I've only babysat once twice this month ... that's it. Kinda crazy given that I used to have kids a few times a week. So it's a treat for Aaron when we watch his friends.
The kids have become ultra attached to Daddy recently. So much so that when he leaves in the morning, we have mega melt downs, they gaze out the window for hours waiting for him and rush to the car when he gets home. When Audrey wakes from her nap, she asks, "where daddy?" and "daddy go?" She'll bang on the front door screaming, "No! Car! Go! Daddy!" It's kind of extremely adorable.
No, I don't feel slighted in the least. That's how I feel when Daddy leaves and comes home too :)
 One of Eric's work friends, Patrick, was at Ikea and couldn't help but buy Aaron some more trains and tracks. Seriously, best . gift . ever! He loves his new additions!
 Aaron still falls asleep just about anywhere when he hits a wall and I still find it absolutely adorable.
I do have one Aaron quote for you, but it's a little creepy ... I am certain he doesn't know exactly what he said. At least, I hope not.
Aaron: Aah! Mama! There's a wolf!
Me: What should we do?
Aaron: I'll use my pliers!
Aaron raced off into the other room and I thought to myself, poor wolf...
Aaron then hollered from around the corner: "I got his eyes! And his mouth!"
yeah ... I don't even ... 

Aaron went to preschool again today. Bring a friend to school day.
 Seriously, what a stud! I love how he is so excited to go in but when I come to pick him up, he is excited to see me! He says, "Mama, can I show you something?" after racing to me to give me a hug. He then takes me around to show me all the things he played with and what he learned. He is also excited to come home with me. It's magical. I hope he still feels this way in a year and a half when he's going to school every day.

So, in response to the question, "How are you?" ... We are well enough given the circumstances.
And we love you for asking!

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  1. I've just been through the current page of blogs. How fun! Aaron's comments always make me laugh!! Audrey is so pretty and Aaron is just cute! What can I say - adorable grandchildren!!! Thanks for sharing.


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