Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Aaron's First Dentist Appointment!

Aaron had his first ever dentist appointment today. He did spectacular!
He didn't want to go in the office (I prepped him that the dentist was going to put her hands in his mouth) so I promised that if he was good he could pick out a toy at the dollar store after.

Aaron was amazing. He let her use a normal tooth brush, a the general check up brush, floss, and a few other tools. She was using the mirror and some air to dry his teeth when he gagged. After that, it was over. Poor kid - he thought she was going to make him throw up. Soooo, we'll do x-rays next time. It wasn't a problem though since usually they don't even get as far as they did with 3-year-olds.

We went to the dollar store and Aaron chose puzzles rather than toys. He LOVES puzzles!
He did them all by himself. I love this kid!


  1. Outstanding reports from the dentist is just what you would expect from Aaron! Showing signs of cooperation and enthusiasm on dental trips at an early age will shine a bright light on his dental practices in the years to come. So Aaron definitely deserved that trip to the dollar store afterwards. Thanks for sharing!

    Milton Wilson @ A+ Family Dentistry

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  3. It’s good to know that Aaron had a great experience! He might’ve fretted at first, but he seems to have gotten through it when he got there. Well, he certainly earned the reward for his bravery. Haha! Anyway, just make sure to take care of his teeth at all times. That way, he can continue flashing his amazing smile. Cheers!

    Bettye Primm @ Back Mountain Dental

  4. That's just brilliant. It's really nice to hear these successful stories of first visits to the dentist. Aaron even looked like he was very curious about the tools that the hygienist was going to use. Anyway, it was a nice touch to take him to the dollar store afterwards. A great thing like that deserves to be rewarded. Cheers!

    Felipe Roberson @ Philly Dentist


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