Saturday, January 24, 2015

Murphy's Law ...

I have decided Murphy's Law dictates that children will always wake up way too early on Saturdays.
Luckily, our backyard is made of fake grass so it drains (no mud or puddles) ... so we sent the kids outside.
They've been out there all morning - before the sun came up and still, even now.
Eric and I have enjoyed our morning lounging on the couch. These kids really play well together!
I love how these two really are great friends. They play fabulously well together!
Yesterday, I sat down on the floor tired and laid my head back on a chair. Aaron saw me and rushed over to give me a hug. Audrey watched and then followed suit. I told Aaron that I love him and he replied back that he loves me too. I then told Audrey, "I love you," and Aaron hollered, "I LOVE YOU TOO AUDREY! I can show you by sharing my cars! Come on Audrey, let's go play!" And off they went to play cars and baby dolls and read books ... They take great care of each other. 
I love how Aaron uses the soccer goals for what he calls a hang-glider. Haha! Extreme sports already! 
I love my kids, I love my backyard and I love my relaxing morning :)

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