Friday, January 2, 2015

Instantly Better

Happy 2015 Everyone!
Because it is a new year, I am instantly better.
I'm a better mom, wife, and everything else - I've become perfect because it's a new year!
Want me to prove it?
Here is how my last few days have gone!

I no longer allow my kids to sit on the counter and eat candy! 

My boys don't dip their oreos directly into the peanut butter and then a glass of milk anymore!

Give my kids goldfish for breakfast? Not a chance! And definitely no picnics on the carpet!

No more staying in PJ's all day!

 No more screen time! And no hiding our favorite toys out of reach of our siblings!

And lastly, no more staying up past bedtime to work on crazy tricks!

See? Instantly better! Clearly I'm a fabulous mom - much better than last year!

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