Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Utah Trip

This post has been a long time coming ... Sorry it is so late!

Back in August for Eric's graduation (and to see my family!), we went to Utah. I honestly cannot wait to go back!

Aaron was ... um ... helpful in his own way when I was trying to pack. He preferred to sit atop the suitcase and then pull things out rather than put things in...

The plane ride out was a breeze - Aaron jumped laps every five minutes... Me then Eric then Gramma then Grampa then back to me...

My dad saved the box from the carseat they purchased for Aaron to play with. He named it "The Cave"

We arrived Wednesday night (my birthday) and then on Thursday, we met with many friends.
Thursday morning several friends from high school came to visit me! Kristi, Liz, and Alaina stayed and took a photo with Aaron and I.

Thursday was the first graduation meeting.  Aaron did great!

We grabbed an entire aisle. Aaron was able to run back and forth since the other side was blocked off. :) Plus we had lots of family there to support Eric and help entertain Aaron.

Eric went out to dinner with his parents and I went to hang out with my family. 
We played volleyball out in the backyard and had a blast.
Laura wanted to show Aaron her snake and asked me what he would do ... I responded that he would try to kiss it...

As always, Aaron and my dad have a great relationship.
Now, I want you to realize, as cute as this video is ... it has caused me a lot of problems.
You notice that my dad hides the ball in his shorts... and multiple times (not in this video) put the ball down his shirt and down Aaron's shirt - causing Aaron to giggle.
Since that time, several times a week, Aaron comes to me thinking I have 2 balls hidden in my shirt.
Luckily, he has never tried searching for them in public... *sigh*

Friday was amazing.

I am so proud of Eric. He has worked so hard to complete his degree while working full time.

 This is proof that he graduated :)






My dad found some awesome pools and knowing that Aaron LOVES water he scooped them right up.
Saturday was so much fun! We had sno-cones (Thanks Alaina and Kristi for the sno-cone machine!) and a pool party...

Just so you know, Aaron has mastered walking up a slide with no help now...

And playing darts

Sunday was obviously bitter-sweet.
We were ready to be home in our own beds, but it was hard to leave my family.

I think this one on the right with my parents is one of my favorites...
Aaron didn't want to leave either.

 Aaron finished with the pictures before the rest of us did...

At the airport, Aaron decided it was important to make sure he was small enough to take on the airplane. He totally put himself in there...

We were worried about the ride home since Gramma and Grampa left on Saturday, but Aaron entertained himself so well...
First he laughed to himself out the window...
Then he showed us how he blows his nose and then tries to eat the tissue...
And lastly he played with the tray ...

I know that post was long and I'm proud of all those who made it to the end. I hope you enjoyed it!

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