Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Mama's Little Hero

In the past few weeks, Aaron has started to truly recognize when Mama is in "distress". There are 2 forms of "distress" ... one is where Mama is in meltdown mode or sick or exhausted. In this case, Aaron will rush over to give me a kiss or snuggle with me for longer than usual.

But there is a second form of "distress" and this "distress" is not *real*"distress" ... it is when Eric and I are playing around and he runs to pick me up or "tackles" me (no my husband does not tackle like he did in football... you know the kind of flirty tackle I am referencing). If I run away from Eric or squeal, Aaron assumes I am in distress - even though I always have a ridiculously large smile on my face.

When this happens, Aaron RUNS over and will do one of two things.

One option is he will sit down beside us and just cry and cry until I wriggle out of Eric's grasp and give him a hug and inform him I am ok - and then start laughing... when I laugh, he realizes it is a game and wants to do whatever it is Eric is doing (pretending to rub a beard on my face or tickle me, etc.).

The second option is to run hard at Eric and try to shove him away, while crying. Again, after I reassure him that I am ok, he'll try to do whatever Eric is doing to make me laugh.

I am amazed that even at a young age, I can see how much Aaron loves me and wants to help me. He helps as I clean the house and loves to vacuum and sweep and dust! He is thoughtful as he tries to do whatever I do - he loves to brush my hair! And now he tries to protect me (though Eric is the last person he would EVER need to protect me from)! He is such a sweet boy. I love how he takes care of me when I am sad or sick.

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