Monday, October 8, 2012

Playing At The Park

Recently, our lives have been ridiculously busy ... like, seriously. But today, though it too is a bit busy, I decided to spend time with Aaron outside and boy was I rewarded!!!

This morning, Aaron chose to cuddle with me on the couch while watching a movie and he fell asleep in my arms so we went and snuggled in bed and we both took a great nap - so we were ready for some action this afternoon!

It started because a co-worker of Eric's gave him a new visor ... and he wanted some pictures of Aaron modeling it :) So we went outside to take some pictures.  Aaron doesn't like to have anything on his head, so I was very lucky to get the shots that I did.

Cute, huh?

Then we went on a walk to get the mail and Aaron loved being outside so much that I couldn't bring myself to take him indoors... so we dropped off the mail and walked to the park.

I guess I'll have to get used to things like this...
Though he didn't cry - I actually had no idea he got hurt till I saw it later!

Don't you love the way his hair is standing on end due to static?  Aaron also got to enjoy watching a bug on the slide. Later, due to static a leaf jumped every time he got close to it and he got over joyed and said BUG - thinking it was a bug because it moved away from his finger... haha!

With the slide, Aaron has learned it is much easier to go around and back up the steps... so he goes around and around and around. Today, we sang a song as he went around

As far as the swings go ... Aaron has to get on every swing, over and over... He'll go to one, we'll swing, and then he'll declare DOWN! and we'll move on to the next.

He even has to sit on the "big kid" swings on my lap ... Those are the ones he enjoys the most!

He absolutely loved when I lost my shoe... so I turned the camera back on and flung the other shoe away as well... haha. He was so sweet and went to get them for me after we were done swinging.

On the way home, Aaron would turn back to look at the park and sadly say "no, no..." but he was so tired and wanted a nap so he didn't throw a fit or cry really hard... he just seemed sad. This means we'll have to go again really soon. :)

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